Chevrolet Posts Little Red Corvette Tribute to Prince

Chevrolet Little Red Corvette - Prince

While Prince’s 1983 hit ‘Little Red Corvette’ was not completely about a hot sportscar (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). Chevrolet shared an image of a 1963 split-window Corvette on social media and followed it up by placing full page ads in The New York Times, the Detroit Free Press, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I am no fan of brands jumping into events like Prince’s death despite their motive, but Chevrolet’s effort seems a bit more thought out and connected the tone deaf efforts by Cheerios and Hamburger Helper.

The creative is from Chevrolet’s ad agency Commonwealth/McCann.

Top Cat’s Back and Applying for a Mortgage in New Ad for Halifax Bank

Halifax Bank - Top Cat

Classic Hanna-Barbera character Top Cat (or T.C. as he’s known to friends) appears in a new ad for Halifax Bank. In the ad Top Cat and Benny visit a Halifax branch to apply (more like beg) for a mortgage to replace their home.

You’d think everything would quickly go south when they did a credit check, but luckily for the gang, all is good and soon they’re living large in a new multi-storey trash can. Officer Dribble is not amused.

the ad was created by adam&eveDDB and was directed by Dom & Nic of Outsider.

[via Creative Review]


Billboard in Brazil Attracts and Kills Virus-Carrying Mosquitos

Mosquito Killing Billboard

A billboard on the streets of Rio de Janeiro is not meant to attract the eyeballs of people passing by, but to attract and kill millions of mosquitoes, which could be carrying Zika or other dangerous viruses.

The billboard was designed by Posterscope and Brazilian ad agency NBS, who have released the technical specs online for free under a Creative Commons license, with hopes that others will build their own devices.

The billboard can attract mosquitoes from 2.5 kilometers away by emitting a lactic-laced mist combined with CO2, that mimics human odor, sweat and breath. Once inside the sign, the insects are trapped, become hydrated and eventually die.

[via Motherboard]


Cheerios Stumble on Social Media With Branded Prince Tribute

Cheerios - Prince tribute

Today with the shocking death of Prince, the world lost one of the most original and popular musicians of our generation. And of course, a few brands decided this was the perfect time to “join the conversation on social media” and connect themselves with the moment in history.

One example of note was Cheerios, which posted an image to Twitter featuring the phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ with a Cheerio standing in for the dot in the “i”.

The tweet has since been deleted, but ironically thanks to the power of social media it will live on an as an example of “what not to do.”

KLM Creates Airplane Night Light for Families of Business Travellers

KLM Night Light

KLM has released a special night light designed in the shape of one of their airplanes. The window lights are designed to turn off gradually, one for each night the family member will still be away, making that last night potentially very dark.

There’s no mention if the Night Light is tied to live flight information, but maybe that’ll be an idea for a future version.

The night light is available for purchase at Shop KLM for 33.02 or 13.200 Flying Blue Miles, and can be delivered free during your flight.

[via Airline Trends]