10 Most Viewed Posts of 2012

Top 20 Posts of 2012

These 10 postings received the most pageviews at RandyMatheson.com in 2012.

1. 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Ad: Missing Car Keys and the Guilty Bulldog

2. Banco Sabadell Celebrates 130th anniversary with Orchestral Flashmob

3. Nike’s Inspires Running Karaoke With ‘I Would Run To You’ Clip

4. Spoken-Word Version of Bohemian Rhapsody Rocks Vegas Hotel Ad

5. IKEA Hosts 5 Roommates at Apartment Built in Paris Subway

6. It’s Dance vs. Prance: Humans Battle Horse in OPI’s Nail Polish Dance-Off

7. Is It Real or Is It Fotoshop by Adobé?

8. Just in Time for Canada Day – the Molson Canadian Nation Canthem

9. St. John Ambulance Promotes First Aid Training with Dramatic ‘Helpless’ Ad

10. Belgian Financial Organization Promotes Safe Internet Banking with Fake Psychic Stunt

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