3D Projection Wows the Crowd at Canada’s Wonderland

I’ve seen a lot of these 3D projections on buildings over the past few years and recognize the challenge it takes to create a credible illusion of 3D depth on a relatively flat surface. The best 3D projections take advantage of the elements of a building such as columns or windows, while using exaggerated shadows and other lighting effects to create the 3D illusion.
Canada's Wonderland 3D Projection
I have to give credit to the folks at Tantrum Design & Visual Effects for being able to create this spectacular show on the challenging surfaces of the iconic Wonder Mountains at Canada’s Wonderland located just north of Toronto. The work involved in both flattening out the depth of the mountains while taking advantage of the structural elements was certainly a challenge that they met and surpassed.

The nearly 11 minute show is part of the theme park’s 30th Birthday Starlight Spectacular and debuted on June 25 and will play each night (weather permitting of course) throughout the summer. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, I’d have to say the fire breathing dragon was the most popular sequence.

I can imagine the possibilities when the producers of these 3D projections begin to use the audience to control elements of the via their mobile devices.

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