A Man, A Cause, A Finger… Branko is Here For Your Prostate Czech

Banko the Prostate CzechProstate Cancer affects 1 in 7 American or Canadian Men, that it is the second most common form of cancer behind skin cancer, and can be one of the most treatable forms of cancer if detected early. Despite those facts, the very thought of a prostate exam is enough to make men start making excuses and run off in the opposite direction.

Enter Branko, a burly Czech who is willing to help out these procrastinators. With just a finger, a latex glove and a no-nonsense attitude Branko is willing to give men a Prostate Czech anytime, anywhere. Now if that’s not enough motivation to get your… ahem, ass into your doctor as soon as possible I don’t know what is.

The campaign was created by kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Toronto viewers will recognize immediately that the videos were filmed here in the city.

The Prostate Czech website features prostate cancer facts, a bio of Branko, and a series of video showing how men on the street, at a hockey game and in a spa react to his quick and easy Prostate Czech offer. Visitors can send a ‘Prostate Poke’ from Branko to a Facebook friend with the message “This is Branko, the Prostate Czech. Your friend has sent me as first and last reminder to get your prostate checked. Now be man, and go—before Branko finds you.”

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