Add your Zebrafish to the Hope Tank and Help the British Heart Foundation Mend Broken Hearts

British Heart Foundation - The Hope TankScientists funded by the British Heart Foundation are conducting research into ways that they can literally help broken hearts mend themselves. Currently once a heart muscle is damaged from a heart attack, it can never fully recover to it’s former healthy self. Scientists are using Zebrafish, which can re-grow parts of their heart, with the goal of helping human hearts mend themselves in as little as 10 years time. What was once science fiction is becoming science fact.

To promote this groundbreaking research and the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, the British Heart Foundation has created The Hope Tank, a virtual aquarium filled with zebrafish. Visitors can create their own zebrafish and leave a personal message of hope, joining nearly 3,000 other supporters.

The Hope Tank was created by London creative agency Glue Isobar.

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