Agency Hires Bodypaint Artist to Transform Models Into Human Motorcycles

International Motorcycle Shows - Human Motorcycles

To promote this season’s Progressive International Motorcycle Shows, San Diego creative agency The I.D.E.A. Brand came up with the concept to create 3 uniquely customized motorcycles. But instead of simply adding cool accessories and an customized paint job, they decided to create the illusion of motorcycles using naked people.

The people, which included a group of bendy yoga-folk, were stacked, twisted and body-painted to transform them into human motorcycles. The shoot also included sideline reporter, TV host and motorcycle racer Erin Bates as the pilot of the human motorcycle.

A team lead by body-painter extraordinaire Trina Merry, spent 3 days transforming the models into a sport bike, motocross bike and a cruiser.


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