AMC’s Breaking Bad Introduces Jesse Pinkman Interactive Graphic Novel

Breaking Bad - The Cost of Doing Business Graphic Novel GameWe’re already several episodes into Season Four of AMC’s Breaking Bad and the intensity level is ramping up. AMC has always had great extra features supporting the show on their website. This year we have a weekly podcast, blogs by Hank and Marie and an interactive Gale crime scene evidence file.

But the coolest addition this year is the The Cost of Doing Business – an interactive graphic novel game featuring Jesse Pinkman. In the game you play Jesse’s role trying to deal with prostitutes, sleazy lawyers (yes, Saul makes an appearance), a hitman and dangerous thugs to get as much of your stolen money back as you can. Your success depends on how your react to the other characters, threatening them, paying them off or providing them with meth. Or, in one scene you must beat the high score on a video game called Alien Slaughter to get crucial information from a pair of thugs in a bar.

This isn’t the first time that Breaking Bad has created a graphic novel based on a character. In Season Three viewers were asked to help DEA Agent Hank Schrader try to outsmart a criminal in The Interrogation.

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