Audi Canada Brings High-Tech Slot Car Racing to Downtown Toronto

Audi Canada - Experience the Quattro

Audi Canada is bringing big-time slot car racing to the heart of Toronto’s business district for the next few weeks. The ‘Experience Quattro‘ installation at the corner of Bay and King Streets features a state-of-the-art handcrafted 20 ft x 7 ft custom track environment designed by world-renowned track builders from Slot Mods USA.

As for the cars, finding accurate Audi A4 slot cars was not possible, so they were designed from scratch. The car bodies were scanned by an industrial laser scanner, then the shells of the car bodies were printed with a 3D printer and paired up with the four-wheel drive slot car chassis. Each car includes an in-car camera mounted on housing that was manufactured as part of the 3D printing process.

Instead of traditional controllers, the cars are controlled through a custom iPad app that shows the in-car camera view and a digital thumb control.

Watch the cars on the track live now.


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