Ballatine’s Leaves an Impression with World’s First Interactive Tattoo

Scottish whisky-maker Ballatine’s is taking their tagline ‘Leave an Impression’ to the next level with 3 art events streamed live from their Facebook page. The Human A.P.I. campaign features artists wearing head-mounted cameras for a first-person view of the creative process, as well as allowing Facebook visitors to ask questions and make suggestions.

Ballatine's - the Human A.P.I.The first event was streamed on June 16 and featured Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. creating an elaborate animated tattoo. The tattoo took four hours to complete and included a matrix code that when scanned by a mobile phone played a short animation. You can see the video from the event above.

The next event in the Human A.P.I. campaign took place on June 30 and featured J.A.M.I.E., an amazing ice sculptor. The third event will take place live on July 14 at 15:00 GMT (which I believe is 1pm EST) features Bristol, UK graffiti artist 45.R.P.M.

The Human A.P.I. campaign was created by the Work Club with live streaming provided by The Streaming Tank.

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