Battlebots Deathmatch Tests Durability of PergoMax Floors

Pergo versus Battlebots in Floor WarsCould your laminate floors stand up to a crew of fire-breathing, food-squirting, spatula-spinning, high-heel spiking Battlebots? It’s been 10 years since the Battlebots TV show was cancelled, but in this spot the Battlebots are back to fight it out on the newly-installed floor.

The story behind the spot is that the woman entered to win a new floor a while back. After installation she is reminded about the ‘fine print’ that includes a ‘durability test’. The durability test includes the Battlebots deathmatch, screaming robotic students and a speed metal band. Of course, it all works out in the end and the floor comes out without a scratch or dent (unlike Botweiler, who falls to Trick Shot in the final round).

The PergoMax BattleBot Facebook app features bios of all six Battlebots used in the shoot, as well as the different styles and features of Pergo laminate floors. If you live in the US you can like the video for a chance to win a PergoMax floor of your own.

The campaign was put together by Atlanta-based agency Fitzgerald+Co, with video production by Partizan.


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