Bob and the Monster and a Nice Use of QR Code

Bob and the MonsterBob Forrest may be better known as the outspoken group counselor on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, but for music fans he’s the legendary lead singer of LA band Thelonious Monster, who released several critically-acclaimed albums in the 80s and The Bicycle Thief in the late 1990s.

Bob and the Monster, a documentary by by Shaker Films, chronicles the musicians rise to fame with Thelonious Monster, his fall into addiction, recovery and his transformation into a controversial yet influential drug counselor. The film premiered back in February 2011 at SXSW and has been making the film festival rounds, including earning a Special Mention at Toronto’s Hot Docs.

For its one-night showing in Los Angeles they’ve created a poster with a stylized QR code that links to a mobile site to learn about the film, watch the trailer, purchase tickets and link to the Twitter and Facebook profiles.

The poster makes good use of QR Codes following several best practices. The large stylized glyph created by Warbasse Design dominating the poster. The poster features clear instructions and description of what the user should expect on the mobile-friendly destination site. The poster also clearly displays the site URL and provides a short code for users to download a QR code reader. Good job all around.

I believe that in the near-future QR Codes are likely to cast-aside as technologies such as image recognition become more prominent. I believe the technologies (QR, Geofencing, Image Recognition or even NFC) themselves are less an issue than advertisers following best practices and providing value to their audiences. These connective technologies are here, use them with care folks.

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