Camp Nectar Creates 'Real' Fruit Boxes From 'Real' Fruit

Camp Nectar Real Juice BoxesThe video really explains it all, and they sing it to the tune of ‘Old McDonalds’s Farm’. Camp Nectar wanted a way to promote that their juice boxes are made with real fruit juices.

Brazilian ad agency ageisobar came up with the idea to create ‘real’ fruit boxes. They created plastic molds and placed them around the passion fruits and guava still growing on the trees on a farm in Paranapanema.

After two years of experiments, they finally achieved their goal and were able to create over 1100 of the juice-box shaped fruits.

The results of their efforts were exhibited in supermarkets, fairs and fruit markets.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen fruits grown in odd shapes, back in 2009 a Japanese farmer grew heart-shaped watermelons and not to be outdone the chinese grew pears in the shape of Buddah.


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