JWT’s Intelligift Tests Your Mother’s Day Gift Idea against Data from Real Moms

JWT Intelligift

Flowers may be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about a Mother’s Day gift. Sure, it’s safe, but it’s not exactly original. But, what if you’re thinking outside of the box this year when it comes to gift ideas.

JWT’s Intelligift may be just the assurance that you’re looking for. Enter your gift idea, select your focus group and Intelligift will run your gift idea against data collected from a “nationally representative” sample of Moms who have children 18 and over.

You do have to enter your email address to get your results, which unfortunately doesn’t happen immediately.

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London Creative Shop Designs Wrapping Paper Inspired by Cold & Flu Viruses

WCRS Wrap-up Project

With cases of homelessness in the UK increasing by 31% in the last two years, London creative agency WCRS looks to raise awareness of the issue with The Wrap-Up Project.

With the onset of winter, people living on the street become even more vulnerable to sickness. With that in mind, the agency has created a series of colourful Christmas wrapping papers which feature graphical representations of the viruses for the common cold, influenza and pneumonia as snowflakes.

The papers are available on ebay in packs of 3 (£8), 5 (£12.50) or 10 (£24), with all proceeds supporting the work of London charity St Mungo’s, which helps people transition to a new life off the streets.

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Mother London Creates Nested Doll Set in Support of Russian LGBT Community

Mother London - Russian Dolls

As a sign of solidarity with Russia’s besieged LGBT community, ad agency Mother London has created a set of nested dolls featuring well-known gay icons Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton and Tom Daley (seriously folks… no Freddie Mercury??).

Seven sets of the limited edition dolls will be auctioned off at torussiawithlove.co.uk between December 13th and 22nd with proceeds supporting the work of The Kaleidoscope Trust with the Russian gay community.

In the spirit of giving, Mother London plans to deliver a set of the dolls to the Kremlin as well as the Russian Embassy in London this holidays.

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Ogilvy Brussels Recruits New Talent Through Pirate Sharing Sites


The Brussels office of Ogilvy were in search for new wed design talent to add to their creative team. Instead of posting wanted ads to job sites or forums, the agency posted their recruitment message on a number sharing websites disguised as a pirated version Adobe Photoshop CS6, one of the essential (and expensive) applications used by designers everywhere.

Once downloaded, the file opened to reveal this message from the agency:

“Ogilvy Brussels is searching for a talented web designer. We’ll provide you all the applications you’ll need. Apply now jobs@ogilvy.be.”

Surely, a truly experienced wed designer would surely be suspicious of a 6MB file claiming to be Photoshop?