Burger King Lures Tattooed Big Mac Lovers to Brazil for a Big Surprise

To promote their new “Big King” burger, Burger King sought out Big Mac fans from around the world who expressed their love for the burger so much they had gotten it tattooed into their skin.

Five of these fans were invited to Brazil to experience the new burger, but they also ended up with a surprise visit from tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink, Ami James. James offered the five a touch-up on their Big Mac burger tattoos to include grill marks reminiscent of the flame-broiled Big King.

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Agency: DAVID, São Paulo, Brazil
Brand: Burger King


Rum-maker Creates a Group Alarm Clock App for Your Party Friends

Ron San Miguel Rum know it’s extra tough waking up after a hard night of partying with your friends. To make sure you and your friends manage get up, the company’s ad agency, Rivas Y&R came up with ‘Get App’ a group alarm clock app.

Once everyone in the group has installed the app, one person sets the time. The next morning the alarm goes off for everyone at the same time and continues to ring until everyone has shut it off and hopefully has gotten up.

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Jack Daniel’s Uses Holograms to Bring Friends and Family Together for the Holidays

Back in October, Arnold Furnace, ad agency for Jack Daniel’s Australia were on the search for people to participate in a special holiday experience. The high-tech concept involved using a hologram to reunite friends and family who hadn’t seen each other for a very long time.

In the campaign video we meet three Australians who have been living abroad for several years including; Shannon, a photographer living in Hamilton, Adam from Oslo, and Darius from Berlin. Meanwhile, back in Australia their friends and family eagerly await to be reunited by hologram. The results will have you smiling.

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Bulmer’s Partners with ‘Knit the City’ for Apple Orchard Yarn Bomb

Bullmer's #LiveColourful

A few lucky Bulmer’s Twitter followers will see their profile names transformed into knitted art pieces by London ‘yarn bombers’ Knit the City. The pieces will be knitted together to create a knitted wrap for one of the apple trees in Bulmer’s Herefordshire orchard.

The campaign created by We Are Social also includes a competition encouraging Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users to share their own colourful yarn-bombs.

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Man Discovers Miraculous Hen in New Andes Barley Wine Ad

Andes Barley Wine: Miraculous Hen

At one time or another, I’m sure that most of us have heard the story about the goose that laid the golden egg. But have you heard about the one about hen that lays bottles of wine?

In a new ad created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi for AB Inbev’s Andes Barley Wine, a man discovers that his hen does just that.

While the hen looks more than a tad uncomfortable with the process (and I’m hoping that no hens were harmed in the production), the man is soon off to dazzle and amaze his friends. But unfortunately, good things seldom last.

The ad was directed by Agustín Alberdi from Landia.

Now, let me think. What kind of wine goes perfect with chicken?

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