UNO NYC Music App Only Streams While Users are on the Williamsburgh Bridge


Created by agency Sid Lee in partnership with designer Eric Hu, the W.B.B.R. app streams music curated by electronic dance label UNO NYC.

But you can’t just listen to the app anywhere, the app only streams music while you are on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, playing an upbeat track while and a more chilled track while going down. New tracks will be added daily from the roster of UNO artists including Mykki Blanco, Feral, Dutch E. Germ and Gobby.

Agency: Sid Lee

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Rum-maker Creates a Group Alarm Clock App for Your Party Friends

Ron San Miguel Rum know it’s extra tough waking up after a hard night of partying with your friends. To make sure you and your friends manage get up, the company’s ad agency, Rivas Y&R came up with ‘Get App’ a group alarm clock app.

Once everyone in the group has installed the app, one person sets the time. The next morning the alarm goes off for everyone at the same time and continues to ring until everyone has shut it off and hopefully has gotten up.

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Durex Dual-Screen Ad Reveals Steamier Scenes When Synchronized with Mobile App

A new television commercial created by Havas Worldwide for Durex provides viewers with more than meets the eye when synched with the company’s Explore app. The app uses the device’s camera and microphone to detect the ad and then displays alternate camera angles that show what’s actually going on behind the closed doors and drawn curtains.

But don’t worry about waiting all day for the TV commercial to play, it works fine with the video embedded at the top of this post.

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UK Band Partners With Mobile Stargazing App to Debut New Single

Metronomy debuts new song in Night Sky app

To get a first listen to UK electronic band Metronomy’s new song, fans will have to search the heavens to find it.

In an inspired promotion, the group has partnered with stargazing app Night Sky to debut their new track titled “I’m Aquarius”.

On Monday, November 11 Night Sky users will receive a notification to update the app. Once updated, users scan the sky looking for the constellation of Aquarius to unlock the song.

The Night Sky app is available for the both Android and iOS platforms.



GE Partners with Uber For Free Rides in a Deloreon Time Machine

Uber GE Deloreon

According to the DeLorean Owners Association, 8,583 DeLoreans were manufactured at the factory in Northern Ireland during the years 1981, 1982, and 1983.

When the company was forced into bankruptcy in 1982, the unique looking car with the stainless steel body looked like it was on its way to being another footnote in automobile history. That was until director Robert Zemeckis chose the car to play the part of the Time Machine in the 1985’s Back to the Future, and the two subsequent sequels.

As part of GE’s ongoing Brilliant machine campaign, the company partnered with on-demand car service Uber for free 15-minute rides around San Fransisco-area this weekend in one-of-four time-machine outfitted Deloreon. To access a free ride, Uber-users had to watch for the option to pop-up on the mobile app.

The rides were limited to 15 minutes and time-travel was not included.

[via The Verge] [photo by Maille Krause/Twitter]