UNO NYC Music App Only Streams While Users are on the Williamsburgh Bridge


Created by agency Sid Lee in partnership with designer Eric Hu, the W.B.B.R. app streams music curated by electronic dance label UNO NYC.

But you can’t just listen to the app anywhere, the app only streams music while you are on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, playing an upbeat track while and a more chilled track while going down. New tracks will be added daily from the roster of UNO artists including Mykki Blanco, Feral, Dutch E. Germ and Gobby.

Agency: Sid Lee

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Matthew Dear Creates Dance Track Using Sounds Collected from GE Machines

GE, Matthew Dear - Drop Science

American musician and DJ Matthew Dear has put together a track entitled ‘Drop Science’, featuring nearly 1000 sounds he collected while collaborating with scientists at the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY.

The track uses sounds as diverse as an MRI scanner to a jet engine, and highlights the use of audio monitoring for the early detection of problems in machines before they cause serious problems. GE Measurement and Control’s Fabian Dawson explains, “An acoustic signature from a piece of equipment is like a fingerprint from a human. No two sounds are the same.”

The track is available on Soundcloud, with a bundle of downloadable sound and image files available for remixers posted as a BitTorrent bundle.

[via GE Reports]

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Jack White Celebrates Record Store Day By Releasing the World’s Fastest Made Record

Jack White - World's Fastest Record

Jack White celebrated Record Store Day by going straight to work, to record, manufacture and release a limited edition 7-inch vinyl record in just one day.

He began the day at his Third Man Records studio in Nashville, recording the title track of his upcoming album Lazaretto along with a B-side of Elvis Presley’s The Power Of My Love. The master recordings were taken to United Record Pressing, where the 45 rpm records were produced and combined with a printed sleeve featuring photos from the earlier recording.

White accompanied the freshly pressed records to Third Man Records where they were sold for $30 to waiting fans. The whole process took 3 hours and 55 minutes.

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UK Band Partners With Mobile Stargazing App to Debut New Single

Metronomy debuts new song in Night Sky app

To get a first listen to UK electronic band Metronomy’s new song, fans will have to search the heavens to find it.

In an inspired promotion, the group has partnered with stargazing app Night Sky to debut their new track titled “I’m Aquarius”.

On Monday, November 11 Night Sky users will receive a notification to update the app. Once updated, users scan the sky looking for the constellation of Aquarius to unlock the song.

The Night Sky app is available for the both Android and iOS platforms.



City of Boston Crowdsources Homegrown Talent for City Hall Hold Music

Boston #BOStunesA long list of legendary musicians and groups have come out of Boston area, including Aerosmith, The Pixies, James Taylor, The Cars and of course the group actually called Boston. Chair moshing to the Dropkick Murphys while waiting to find out why your garbage hasn’t been picked may sound like fun, but enduring even a minute of any New Kids on the Block would be enough to make me hang up.

This week The City of Boston’s Department of Innovation and Technology announced that it’s crowdsourcing original music from the local music community to create a new “Transfer Music Playlist” to take the place of the “same old boring tunes” that callers hear while they are on-hold to City Hall.

Musicians can submit their tracks by tweeting their Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other streaming links with the hashtag #BOStunes to @DoITBoston or posting a link to the City of Boston Facebook page.

A comment noted that Edmonton has created EdmonTunes, a similar program developed in partnership with CKUA Radio Network and the Edmonton Arts Council.

Here are a few examples of submissions so far.

[via The Atlantic]