Air New Zealand Celebrates a Very Kiwi Christmas with Larger-Than-Life Tree

To celebrate the holidays Air New Zealand employees traveled to the Otaga Peninsula on the east coast of the country’s south island. There they used lights and giant decorations to transform one of the local basalt rock formations, known as Little Pyramid into a larger-than-life Christmas tree.

There may not have been snow, reindeer or a sleight, but Santa Claus arrived driving a tractor with a wagon load of children from the local Portobello school.

The video was put together by Host Sydney and shot by Two Bearded Men.

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New Zealand

UK Delivery Company Brings BMXers and Ballerinas Together in Holiday Clip

UK delivery company Whistl is celebrating the holidays season by bringing together ballerina Amber Doyle with freestyle BMX riders Keelan Philips and Louis Morris for a unique spin (several actually) to a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Agency Taylor Herring is behind the creation of the unique performance.

Ballet BMX: The Making Of

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Dad Dance Crew Shake Things Up in Christmas Jumpers for Sainbury’s

In the UK they’re simply known as Christmas Jumpers, while here in North America we’re happy to call them ugly Christmas sweaters, and they’re big business too. If you’re not ready for the pressure of full-time Christmas sweater ownership you can even rent one from online retailer Rent the Runway.

UK retailer Sainbury’s is promoting it’s collection of holiday sweaters with a clip of dad dance crew, The Christmas Jumpers (actually a real crew of professional dancers), getting down to a dub-step remix of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’.

If you can’t get enough of the track, a full length version is available for download on SoundCloud.

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JC Penney puts the ‘Gift of Giving’ into its Customers Hands

The phrase, “it’s better to give than it is to receive”, isn’t just a frequently misquoted verse in the bible. Science has proved it correct over and over again in studies such as one conducted at the University of British Columbia, in which social psychologist Liz Dunn gave students envelopes containing money. The students were told they could spend the money on themselves or spend the money on someone else. Those who gifted the money to others turned out to be happier at the end of the day.

As part of JC Penney’s Just Got Jingled holiday campaign, a clip titled ‘Gift of Giving’, JC Penney puts the theory into practice by asking customers to approach a stranger and offer to buy them anything they want in the store. The results are predictably heartwarming and well worth watching.

The video is supported by the Just Got Jingled website and a ‘Random Acts of Jingle‘ Pinterest board.

The campaign was created by Victors & Spoils and the Evolution Bureau.

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United States

WestJet Brings Christmas Miracle to a Small Dominican Republic Village

In 2013 WestJet ‘nailed it’ with the video ‘WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving‘, which featured passengers telling a blue-suited Santa Claus what gifts they would like for Christmas. While the flight was in the air, WestJet employees on the ground scrambled to find all the gifts, surprising the passengers upon arrival.

Since being posted the video has amassed over 36 million views, and won two Cannes Lions for agency studio m.

This year, WestJet and studio m brought the Christmas Miracle concept to the small community of Nuevo Renacer, near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Since 2012, WestJet and its employees have worked in the area with Canadian charity Live Different to build new homes for several deserving families.

Why We Did It

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