Billboard in Brazil Attracts and Kills Virus-Carrying Mosquitos

Mosquito Killing Billboard

A billboard on the streets of Rio de Janeiro is not meant to attract the eyeballs of people passing by, but to attract and kill millions of mosquitoes, which could be carrying Zika or other dangerous viruses.

The billboard was designed by Posterscope and Brazilian ad agency NBS, who have released the technical specs online for free under a Creative Commons license, with hopes that others will build their own devices.

The billboard can attract mosquitoes from 2.5 kilometers away by emitting a lactic-laced mist combined with CO2, that mimics human odor, sweat and breath. Once inside the sign, the insects are trapped, become hydrated and eventually die.

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Mark’s Transit Ads Promote Discounts Based on the Day’s Forecasted Low Temperature

Mark's Temperature Discounts

Weather in the Toronto area this January has been downright frigid, but that’s good news for shoppers as the colder it gets outside the more they can save at Mark’s Work Wearhouse stores. A daily discount is tied to the day’s forecasted low, with a -15 C reading earning people a 15% discount.

The discounts are being promoted on 40 digital displays that display the real-time temperature pulled from data for downtown Toronto from World Weather Online.

The campaign was created by Mark’s agency Sid Lee working directly with Astral Out-of-Home on the execution.

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Sao Paulo Clothing Store Uses Mannequins Drones to Advertise Black Friday Deals

You may find this advertising initiative a bit creepy, innovative or both, depending on how your feel about headless mannequins floating outside your high-rise office window.

Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian shirt store wanted to advertise their Black Friday deals to businessmen who don’t have time to leave their offices.

Sao Paulo agency Salles Chemistri had the answer: replace the heads of lightweight mannequins with helicopter drones and fly them up to the windows of office buildings in the city’s business district.

[via Gute Werbung]


13,360 Pieces of Cake Used to Create Edible Billboard in London

Mr. Kipling - Edible Billboard

It may not be a flashy interactive digital display, but this billboard created for British confectionery brand Mr. Kipling by JWT London seemed to have no problem catching the attention of Londoners with a sweet tooth.

The billboard, located outside Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London, was created by Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art and featured 13,360 individual pieces of cake, and took 6 hours to assemble.

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Rain-Activated Messages Advertise Bumbershoot Festival on Seattle Sidewalks

Bumbershoot - Rain Activated Advertising

The 2014 Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival is less than a month a way, and to remind local Seattleites about the event, ad agency Publicis leveraged one of the things that the city has in abundance; rain.

While Seattle doesn’t rank highest in the amount of annual rainfall, it does rank in the top 5 in the US for cloudy days.

The agency used stencils and a spray system called NeverWet to create a message that repelled water. When the sidewalk was dry the message was invisible, but when it rained the message was revealed against the wet sidewalk around it.

[via Agency Spy]

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