KLM Creates Airplane Night Light for Families of Business Travellers

KLM Night Light

KLM has released a special night light designed in the shape of one of their airplanes. The window lights are designed to turn off gradually, one for each night the family member will still be away, making that last night potentially very dark.

There’s no mention if the Night Light is tied to live flight information, but maybe that’ll be an idea for a future version.

The night light is available for purchase at Shop KLM for 33.02 or 13.200 Flying Blue Miles, and can be delivered free during your flight.

[via Airline Trends]

Tramontina’s Barbeque Bible Transforms Itself Into Useful BBQ Tools

Tramontina: The Barbecue Bible

Tramontina is a Brazilian brand that has a complete line of products for the barbeque. To demonstrate that the brand knows everything about creating the perfect barbecue experience, agency JWT Brazil created a special interactive book, “The Bible of Barbecue”. The book isn’t simply a set of cooking instructions or recipes, the individual pages can be used as actual tools throughout the barbecue process.

One page can be broken apart and used as charcoal, while another is made of material that can be used to sharpen your (Tramontina) knife. Other pages can be used as a cutting board, unfolded as an apron or used as a serving tray.

A limited number (I’m thinking “very” limited) of The Bible of Barbecue has been sent to master barbecue chefs in Brazil, while a simplified version is planned for the public.

Based on my experience at mastering the barbecue, it would ideal if one page turned into a fire extinguisher.

[via Gute Werbung]