British Royal Mint Commissions £12,000 Christmas Pudding

Royal Mint Commissions £12,000 Christmas Pudding

Putting a silver coin into the Christmas pudding is a long standing tradition amongst British families. The coin is thought to bring good luck and wealth for the following year to the person who finds it. That luck would begin with not choking on the coin while enjoying the dessert.

This year the British Royal Mint has commissioned actress, writer and now cake-entrepreneur Jane Asher (yes, the same Jane Asher who was engaged to Paul McCartney in the 1960s) to create an extravagant and regal Christmas pudding, based on a 200 year old secret family recipe containing festive spices, dried fruits and blanched almonds.

The most expensive ingredient in the dessert is 35 rare silver and coins, including five 2013 uncirculated £5 Sovereign Gold coins each worth £1,900 and thirty Silver Sixpences.

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French Yarn-Maker Offers Savings to Customers Who Knit Their Own Coupons

Bergère de France - Knit Your Own Coupon

Bergère de France has been producing high-quality yarn in Bar-le-Duc, France since 1946. Over the years, their product range has grown to include patterns for crochet and knitting; needles and knitting accessories; and supplies for embroidery and cross-stitching.

Recently, the yarn-maker’s ad agency BEING came up with a creative and inspired campaign to help increase business at the Bergère de France boutiques. Customers could use their leftover yarn, and using one of four patterns, hand-knit a coupon to earn savings of 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% off of their next purchase. The more complex the pattern was, the more savings the customer could earn for their handiwork.

A great example of creating an campaign experience that connects directly to the customer’s use of the product. You can check out the knitted coupons in a photo gallery on BEING’s Facebook page.

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Excuse Me? I Can Do What With My Pants at Kmart?!?

Kmart - Ship My Pants

To get the word out that Kmart is offering free shipping on anything you can’t find in the physical store, DraftFCB has created a hilarious ad that will have people doing double takes across the US.

As the customers happily explain in the video, you can not only ship your pants, but also drawers, nighties, or if you’re up to it, ship the entire bed. Hilarious.

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Marks & Spencer Creates Blooming QR Code Billboard for Mother’s Day Deals

Marks & Spencer - Blooming QR Code

Shoppers at Westfield White City shopping centre were given the opportunity to win flowers for a year from Marks and Spencer by scanning a QR code on a billboard made up of 9,457 flowers.

The 5×3 metre billboard, which took 179 hours to complete, was designed by CURB media and developed by the creative team at Profero. Once the promotion is done and the billboard is taken the down, the flowers will be turned into compost.

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Hardware Chain Inspires Kiwis to Create DIY Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Mitre 10 - Celebrate Valentine's Day with DIY Love Songs

New Zealand hardware store Mitre 10 and ad agency DraftFCB are helping customers celebrate Valentine’s Day by demonstrating how to create DIY love songs using just a handsaw and a bow, or even a plastic coat-hanger if that’s all you have.

Demonstrating his musical skills in the video is Auckland retiree and 2-time saw world champion Alan Pitts. Pitts first heard the haunting sound of the hand saw on the radio in the 1930s, inspiring him to develop his own virtuosity over 70 years, even playing with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Tim Finn’s ‘The Saw and the Tree’.

I would have loved to see this campaign expanded to encourage saw-playing contributions from customers, store managers and employers. As for music selections, I would suggest “I Saw Her Standing There”, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, or as suggested in the video, anything by The Carpenters.

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