JC Penney puts the ‘Gift of Giving’ into its Customers Hands

The phrase, “it’s better to give than it is to receive”, isn’t just a frequently misquoted verse in the bible. Science has proved it correct over and over again in studies such as one conducted at the University of British Columbia, in which social psychologist Liz Dunn gave students envelopes containing money. The students were told they could spend the money on themselves or spend the money on someone else. Those who gifted the money to others turned out to be happier at the end of the day.

As part of JC Penney’s Just Got Jingled holiday campaign, a clip titled ‘Gift of Giving’, JC Penney puts the theory into practice by asking customers to approach a stranger and offer to buy them anything they want in the store. The results are predictably heartwarming and well worth watching.

The video is supported by the Just Got Jingled website and a ‘Random Acts of Jingle‘ Pinterest board.

The campaign was created by Victors & Spoils and the Evolution Bureau.

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Sao Paulo Clothing Store Uses Mannequins Drones to Advertise Black Friday Deals

You may find this advertising initiative a bit creepy, innovative or both, depending on how your feel about headless mannequins floating outside your high-rise office window.

Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian shirt store wanted to advertise their Black Friday deals to businessmen who don’t have time to leave their offices.

Sao Paulo agency Salles Chemistri had the answer: replace the heads of lightweight mannequins with helicopter drones and fly them up to the windows of office buildings in the city’s business district.

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Toyota Aygo Marks It’s Territory on the Streets of Berlin

Toyota Deutschland Aygo

As part of the Toyota Deutschland’s ‘Go Fun Yourself’ campaign, agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Dusseldorf has created an ad featuring an Aygo that lifted it’s back tire and marked it’s territory on the streets of Berlin.

From monster trucks to curious dogs or even a parking spot thief, no one was safe from the whizzing sub-compact.

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Toyota Europe Turns Test Drive Into a GPS-Driven Karaoke Audition

Toyota Yaris - Musical City

Toyota Europe’s agency Saatchi & Saatchi recently turned an area of Prague into an interactive musical test drive to promote the Yaris. Normal street signs were temporarily replaced with the names of popular hit songs, and the car’s stereo was connected to GPS which changed the song based on the street the car was being driven on.

Drivers could select their route based on their favourite songs. The karaoke performances were captured on video, with the best selected to appear in the final television ad.

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