T3 Creates Hands-Free Tinder App for the Apple Watch

Because swiping left or right is for suckers (just kidding), Austin-based agency T3 has come up with a way to create Tinder matches without using your hands. All you need is a heartbeat.

The Apple Watch detects the user’s heartbeat and attempts to find a matching heartbeat among other Tinder users. Of course, the other users would have to be using the app on their Apple Watch, which may be few and far between based on recent sales reports of the device.

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Alibaba Partners with Shanghai YTO Express for Tea Delivery by Drone

Call it a test, a trial, or maybe more accurately just a marketing stunt. This week Alibaba conducted a 3-day trial giving 450 customers a chance to have their goods delivered by remote-control drone. The e-commerce company’s online marketplace TaoBao, partnered with logistics company Shanghai YTO Express to deliver packages of ginger tea to customers within a limited radius of their distribution sites.

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Sao Paulo Clothing Store Uses Mannequins Drones to Advertise Black Friday Deals

You may find this advertising initiative a bit creepy, innovative or both, depending on how your feel about headless mannequins floating outside your high-rise office window.

Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian shirt store wanted to advertise their Black Friday deals to businessmen who don’t have time to leave their offices.

Sao Paulo agency Salles Chemistri had the answer: replace the heads of lightweight mannequins with helicopter drones and fly them up to the windows of office buildings in the city’s business district.

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Zappos Tests Digital Assistant That Tracks Down Products, Whether They Sell It or Not

Zappos AskZappos

Online retailer Zappos, famously known for it’s exceptional customer service, is testing AskZappos, a new digital assistant service. Customers can text, email, Instagram or upload a photo of any product and a small team at Zappos will track that item down at no cost, whether they sell it in their online store or not.

During it’s testing phase, the service is managed by a small team at Zappos Labs, who look up the product themselves, but eventually AskZappos will leverage image recognition to automate some of the process. According to the website AskZappos will soon include posts made from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

AskZappos is part of a trend that is connecting the real and online commerce worlds through image recognition technology.

Recently Amazon brought it’s Flow technology to its main app, leveraging the smartphone’s camera to recognize real-world items and add them to their shopping list. Target has launched an app called “in a Snap“, which recognizes the retailer’s products in flyers, catalogs and magazines.

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Female Inventors Compete to Turn Refrigerators into Electric Race Cars in Ice Box Derby

ComEd - Ice Box Derby

ComEd, the largest electric utility in Illinois has partnered with Girls4Science, the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana and the Chicago Urban League for the Ice Box Derby, a six week challenge inviting 31 aspiring young female inventors (ages 13-18) to turn recycled refrigerators into electric race cars.

Fans can watch the progress of the teams; PinkVenom, Vehicool, ChillCrew, NerdsofSteel, SonicDoom, and GirlsonIce at the Ice Box Derby website. Over the next six weeks, the teams along with engineering mentors from ComEd, will use their STEM skills to work on developing the chassis, electric engine, steering and aerodynamics. On August 23rd, the teams will race head-to-head to see which team takes the STEM Cup.

The agency behind the campaign is Leo Burnett, Chicago.

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