30 Squats Can Earn You Subway Fare on the Moscow Subway

Sochi Olympics - Moscow Subway Squats

In less than 3 months the Russian city of Sochi will host the Winter Olympic Games.

To help promote the games, the Russian Olympic committee has installed a special ticket machine at the Vystavochaya subway station, west of Moscow. But unlike other machines, commuters can earn their ticket by doing 30 squats.

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L’Oréal Paris Brings Interactive Vending Machine to NYC Subway Station

L'Oreal Paris - Intelligent Color Experience Vending Machine

This fall L’Oreal Paris is going underground to the subways of New York City with The Intelligent Color Experience machine.

The installation, created in a partnership between digital agency R/GA and CBS Outdoor, features a full-length interactive mirror that uses camera sensors to analyze the style and colour of the user’s outfit.

The machine creates a digital animation of the user’s silhouette and colours that they are wearing, and offers suggestions on which L’Oreal products may complement their look. The machine can be stocked with up to 700 items with prices ranging from $6.99 to $9.99. User’s can buy the products directly from the machine using their credit card.

The Intelligent Color Experience will be set up at Bryant Park Station at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue from November 4 to December 30.

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Machine Uses Facial Recognition to Give Away Free Coffee to Yawners

Douwe Egberts- Yawn Recognition Coffee Machine

Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts recently partnered with South African agency Joe Public to deploy a special vending machine at O.R. Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg.

The vending machine used special facial recognition software to detect whether someone was yawning, and then provided them with a free cup of coffee to help them wake up.

I bet you yawned? I know I did.

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South Africa

Huggies’ Pregnancy Belt Lets Dads Feel Their Baby’s Kick

Huggies - Pregnant Dads

Sometimes I can’t decide whether projects like this one are brilliant or ridiculous. Maybe it’s a little from column A, a little from columnb B. What I am sure of is that everyday something wildly creative and unexpected is being produced the ad agencies in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

In this case, Ogilvy Argentina and Huggies spent 4 months developing a belt that replicates the baby’s movements and kicks in real-time from the mom’s belly to the dad’s belly. There’s no mention whether the belts would be used beyond the development of this ad.

The belts look a bit silly, but the dad’s in the video look genuinely touched by the experience.

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Want to Save Money on Your Cable Bill? Don’t Call Michael Bolton

Optimum - Don't Call Michael Bolton

Big time 90s warbler and comedic actor (you’ve all seen his turn as a pirate in Lonely Island’s ‘Jack Sparrow‘ video) Michael Bolton may have sold millions of albums around the world, but according to a new ad created by Mother New York, he’s fed up with getting phone calls from people who dial his number by mistake when they are trying to reach U.S. cable company Optimum.

The ad’s premise is that the cable company and Bolton share a very similar number phone number, his being 866-200-7152 and Optimum’s is 866-200-7151. Now Bolton can’t trim his hedges (no, that’s not a metaphor), create pottery, wash the dog, or go bouncy-bounce on his trampoline without being interrupted by people looking for great deals on TV, internet and phone.

If you do call 866-200-7152 (and really, you know you want to), you’ll get Bolton’s answering machine, where you can not only hear his pitch for Optimum and choose 1 to connect to the cable company, but you can also “press 2” to hear him shred on a guitar, “press 3” to hear how he warms up his voice, “press 4” to hear him speak Spanish, or “press 5” hear a funny joke (it’s not that funny).

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