Budweiser Goes Back to the Lab for 2015 Super Bowl Ad ‘Lost Dog’

Budweiser has released their 2015 Super Bowl, ad and as expected they’ve revisited last year’s well received “Puppy Love” ad. In this effort, directed by RSA’s Jake Scott, the wayward pup gets lost after stowing away inside a horse trailer headed for the city.

The familiar music in the ad is a slowed-down version of ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by the Proclaimers, performed by Chicago-based Sleeping at Last.

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Pizza Hut Celebrates Australia Day with Vegemite Stuffed Crust Pizza

Just in time for Australia Day on January 26, Pizza Hut is introducing the Mitey Stuffed Crust, a pizza with crust stuffed with melted cheese and vegemite.

Vegemite is the popular food product made from yeast extract and various vegetable and spices, and is a staple in Australia. But as seen from the reactions of backpackers in the video, it’s definitely an acquired taste.

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Air Wick Brings the Scents of Home to Deployed Soldier

U.S. serviceman Kearen Feller, has been stationed at Qatar Air Force Base and hasn’t been home for 11 months. To help remind Kearen’s of home, Air Wick collected scents from around the Feller’s family home, including a baseball glove, apple pie and the family living room and embedded them into candles.

Agency Droga5 is behind the creative.

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UK Delivery Company Brings BMXers and Ballerinas Together in Holiday Clip

UK delivery company Whistl is celebrating the holidays season by bringing together ballerina Amber Doyle with freestyle BMX riders Keelan Philips and Louis Morris for a unique spin (several actually) to a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Agency Taylor Herring is behind the creation of the unique performance.

Ballet BMX: The Making Of

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Zurich Insurance Protect Snowmen By Bringing Them to the Alps

With winter just getting started, Zurich Insurance is already looking forward to the spring. While people may look forward to the end of winter, it’s never been a great time for snowmen.

In this ad created by McCann, entire snow families are rescued from the warming temperatures and taken high into the mountains where they can be protected from melting away.

The campaign also features a microsite where visitors can upload a picture of their snowman, or build one using the site’s snowman generator. Save your snowman and you could win a trip for their family to the Alps

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