Chevrolet’s ‘True Stories’ Follows a 1965 Impala SS Back to it’s Original Owner

Chevrolet True StoriesEvery Chevrolet has a story, and the 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport that Herb Younger bought in the fall of 1964 has a story that continues today. Herb owned the car all the way up until the late ’80s, when hard times came along and he decided to sell the car to help ends meet.

A few years ago Herb’s sons, Jared and Derek came up with the idea to try to locate the car. They had no idea where the car was, or even if it still existed. They searched the internet using the VIN number and were able to find the car, but unfortunately they couldn’t get a response from the owner. The car went from Arizona to New York to Pennsylvania to Maine, and then my favorite part, “a group of Canadians came down, loaded it on a flatbed and drove it to Canada. At that moment I figured the car was gone forever. (seriously dude, if you check you’ll find most Canadians only live an hour from the US border)

They did one more search, and found the Chevy Impala SS for sale from the new owner in Montreal. Once they confirmed the VIN number they bought the car over the phone. What happens next involved a film crew hired by Chevrolet who pretended to be documenting three generations of the American family. While Herb played with his grandchildren in a park in Redondo Beach the car rolled up into view. Herb’s reaction, “Oh no, what the hell. Dear god, that’s my old Chevy”.

Herb’s story is the first of many that Chevrolet hopes will be shared on their Facebook page.

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