Chris Milk & Arcade Fire’s ‘Summer Into Dust’ Experience Continues Online

If you were at Coachella last month for Arcade Fire’s Saturday night performance you watched as hundreds of large beach balls cascaded down from the top of the stage. The beach balls bounced throughout the crowd changing colour in time with the music, and if you were really lucky you walked or drive away that night with one of them.

The experience is a collaborative between director Chris Milk and Arcade Fire (they had previously collaborated on the ground-breaking browser video ‘The Wilderness Downtown’). The beach balls were equipped with LEDs and IR transmitter technology provided by ESKI and Moment Factory. It turns out that the Coachella performance that night was only the beginning of an interactive experience entitled ‘Summer Into Dust’. Those who managed to get their glowing beach balls home are asked to share pictures and videos, as well as discover new ways to interact with them.

The experience is part of the Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and Vice celebrating art and creativity using digital technologies.

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