Columbia Sportwear Presents the Angry Cat Challenge

Columbia Sportswear - Angry Cat ChallengeColumbia’s latest marketing campaign, ‘Great Moments in Trying Stuff’ features several videos showing some, well… unique tests of the sportswear-maker’s products.

The series includes the clip ‘Five-Bean Salad‘, showing the Columbia test team using their drainable shoe to strain the beans.

Another, titled ‘Sweaty Buns‘ features a gut-wrenching taste test featuring two hot dog buns that have been ‘marinating’ inside the jackets of two mountain bikers. One biker wearing a Columbia breathable jacket; the other wearing a jacket that holds all of that delicious sweat inside.

My favorite of the series, ‘Angry Cat‘ (embedded above) features a cranky water-hating cat (is there any other kind) wearing a tiny water-resistant jacket, that supposedly keeps him happy and dry.

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