Comedians Use Laughs to Battle Malaria at's Malarious and Malaria no More present Malarious and charity Malaria no More are teaming up to raise money for the fight against malaria by launching Malarious, a collection of 24 videos featuring an eclectic collection of comedians, actors and at least one competitive eater. But to watch the videos, you must contribute at least $1 to the Malaria no More – once your payment has been confirmed you’ll receive a personalized link that will unlock the clips.

The short clips include Malaria No More supporters such as Reggie Watts, Rainn Wilson, Penn & Teller, Ed Helms and many more. I highly recommend you pay enough to watch all the videos, including my favorites ‘Joss Whedon’s Bad Malarious Ideas’, ‘Nick Offerman’s Slam Poem To Bacon’, and especially ‘Ellie Kemper criticizing Puppies’.

Be forewarned folks, even though the campaign is for a great cause, the videos contain enough NSFW themes and language to (as they say on the TV) offend more sensitive viewers.

For more information on the organization’s work to battle malaria visit


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