Create & Sell Your Own Version of new Kaiser Chiefs Album

Kaiser Chiefs - The Future is MedievelOne of the most incredible live shows I have seen was the Kaiser Chiefs a few years ago. Lead vocalist Ricky Wilson seemed to have the ability to be three places as once, as he lead the band through hits like ‘I Predict a Riot’, ‘Oh My God‘ and ‘Ruby‘ just to name a few.

The Future is Medieval

The Kaisers fourth album ‘The Future is Medieval’ was suddenly ‘released’ on Friday after being shrouded in mystery. I type “released” with double quotes because this is a whole new concept of what an album release is.

Create Your Own Album

This collaboration between the band, B Unique and Fiction Records, as well as ad agency Weiden & Kennedy London allows fans to pick their own 10 songs from the 20 song library. Once a fan has finalized their tracks, they can create a cover (again an old-release idea) and then make it available on the Kaiser Chief’s album gallery for purchase. Fans can purchase their album for £7.50, and then sell their version of the record on it’s own unique URL for £1 per download.

This is the most creative way I’ve seen of selling an album yet. God knows, how it will appear in the chart.

Below, meet Alex who was selected to create the first version of the album live and in person with the band.


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