Death Cab for Cutie Broadcasts Live Video for New Single

Last night Death Cab for Cutie premiered the video for ‘You Are a Tourist’ in a very unique, exciting and risky way. The choreographed video was recorded live in one take and featured complex lighting and projections as well as several additional dancers and performers. You can sense the excitement and relief from the band and crew when the camera draws back at the end to reveal the full set. I can only imagine the extensive rehearsals needed to coordinate the movement on the set so that no one walked in front of the camera or bumped into each other.

The video was directed by Tim Nackashi, who has worked with Radiohead, TV on the Radio and masters of the one-take video OK Go. You can view behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot on Facebook now.

I’d be looking forward to the May 18th tour date here in Toronto, but it sold out before I even knew it was happening. I’ll make due with getting the new album Codes and Keys on May 31.

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