Every Penny Counts in the Fight Against Cancer

Avon Canada - Every Penny CountsThere’s been talk here in Canada recently about getting rid of the penny (as New Zealand and Australia already have) and rounding purchases up or down to the nearest nickel. It seems the lowly one-cent coin is having trouble getting respect these days.

I can recall back in my Junior High days holding ‘Penny Parades’ to raise money. We’d all bring in our pennies from home and line them up on the floor of the gym. These days I jam all my pennies into a large bottle, and I’ve had no use for them until I saw the promo ad for Every Penny Counts (embedded above).

Avon Canada has partnered with Scotiabank Bright Future for the Every Penny Counts campaign. The goal is to collect 125 million pennies (or $1,250,000 dollars) to support Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada, a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1994, and provides free support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer.

While pennies are the focus of the campaign, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies are welcome too. The campaign site features printable coin rolling wrappers that feature the account name for the campaign. So, grab those pennies from your change bottles and start rolling.

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