Bank Provides Free Gifts to Travelers Via QR Card Signage

First Bank QR CodesTwo things that we always emphasize to our clients when we are planning digital experiences; (1) make sure you are providing value to the user, and (2) don’t out roadblocks in your user’s path. The campaign – which was launched in October – created by TDA Advertising in Boulder for Denver-based First Bank features a series of three back-lit billboards. Using QR codes, travelers passing by are invited to download one of 12 classic novels, crossword or soduku puzzles all for the very special low price of ‘Free’.

The signs provide straightforward instructions on how to use the QR codes, including how to download a reader, and a URL for users who cannot use a code reader. The bank estimated that 7,000 classic novels and puzzles will be downloaded during this five-month effort as part of the bank’s ongoing ‘helpfulness’ campaign.

Scanning the code even from the photo works really well. The mobile site looks great and its easy to download and navigate between the free offers. It’s unfortunate that when an interested user clicks on the small ‘Open an Account’ at the bottom of the mobile page they are dropped at the home page of the First Bank website. I’m a bit lost as to why this button did not link to a mobile friendly landing page for new accounts.

It’s great to see a bank using QR codes so prominently in a campaign, their use is definitely becoming mainstream. It’ll be interesting to see the numbers at the end of the campaign, including most popular downloads, total number of downloads, percentage of QR code uses, clickthroughs to the bank site and of course an increase in new accounts.

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