Flipboard Launches Ad Program with the New Yorker and American Express

Flipboard Launches Ad Program with New YorkerAsk iPad users to make a list of their essential apps and it’s likely that the social reader Flipboard will be high on that list. In fact, Flipboard was named iPad App of the Year by Apple and had 2.5 million users as of June, 2011.

In July, Flipboard launched an advertising program as part of its Flipboard Pages project. That project includes titles from publishers such as Conde Nest, Heart Magazines, News Corp and the BBC. Readers of the New Yorker will see the ads first, beginning with an American Express campaign. Ads will begin appearing other Conde Nest titles such as Wired and Bon App├ętit in the fall.

The American Express ads appear as ‘full page’ ads between pages within the story view of New Yorker articles. The ads are part of American Express’ Social Currency campaign and link to special deal areas at sites such as Amazon and Ticketmaster.

While the ads are full screen, they don’t seem that intrusive within Flipboard’s magazine-like user interface. Considering Flipboard’s personalized content streams and the iPad’s location capabilities, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see targeted ads begin appearing within the other personal feeds as well.

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