Gnomes Protest Messy Yards to Promote German Garden Centre

Toom Baumarkt Gnome ProtestToom der Baumarkt in a large chain of German hardware stores. The stores include a garden centre that was not getting enough attention.

To promote Toom’s garden department, their ad agency OgilvyAction came up with the idea of staging a protest by 100 garden gnomes. After all, who suffers most from a messy, overgrown back yard than the garden gnome.

On Novemeber 18, 100 gnomes appeared (well, they can’t really march) to the amusement of the locals in downtown Langenfeld. The gnomes sported tiny protest signs with such hard clever slogans as ‘Seeds not Weeds’, ‘Pain in the Grass’ and ‘Just Say Mow’, and instructed readers to visit Toom for their gardening needs.

The campaign was supported by a @langenfeldzwerg (Langenfeld Gnome) Twitter account and a wall posts on the Toom Baumarkt Facebook page.


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    This is so adorable… yet effective. The PR buzz must have been big (I wish there were some numbers in the article / video). It almost makes me want to get a gnome for my lawn… almost. 

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