Greenpeace Apologizes for Protest Stunt at Peru’s Nazca Lines

Greenpeace - Nazca Lines Stunt

When I saw the image of a bright yellow message left on the desert ground in Peru, I thought it had to have been created in Photoshop. A quick click over to revealed that it actually was real.

Members of Greenpeace had entered a prohibited area at the site of the Nazca lines in order to deliver a campaign message about climate change. While the message is now reaching millions of people around the world, the controversy is now centered around whether the activists caused irreparable damage to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The message – “Time for Change! The Future is Renewable” – was created using yellow cloth letters weighted down with small bricks.

The environmental group said it would stop using photos of the message in its campaign, and is sending its Executive Director to Peru to apologize in person.

[via i09]

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