The Heinz Flavour Experience Includes Spoon That Plays Music in Your Mouth

Heinz Beans Flavour Experience

Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. You could probably rattle off the rest of that schoolyard rhyme off by heart.

With music in mind, Heinz in collaboration with food architects Bompas & Parr (they create jelly sculptures) have launched the Heinz Flavour Experience. The experience, complete with handcrafted bowls and a musical spoon. has been designed to tap into all five senses of UK bean lovers, by combining sound, taste, touch, sight and smell to create a sensory experience influenced by the five varieties of Heinz Flavoured Beanz.

The musical spoon included with each package, is an MP3 player that can only be heard once it’s placed in your mouth and gently bit down on. The sound then travels through your jawbone to your hopefully hungry ears. Each flavour comes with a matching style of music, including the sounds of Punjabi Bhangra play to match Heinz Beanz Curry Flavour. Yes, there’s a Bollywood party happening in your mouth. Others experiences such as Fiery Chilli are accompanied by up-tempo Latin samba, and Barbecue Flavour features the sounds of the blues.

A limited number of the five Heinz Beanz Flavour Experiences are available exclusively at London retailer, Fortnum & Mason. In 1886, the store was the first to stock Heinz Beanz.

[via Dezeen]


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