Help Agency Dude Choose a Weird Beard and Raise Money for Charity

Digitaria Bridging Barber

With warmer temperatures finally here for good (knocks wood), unless you’re a member of the Devils of the Kings most dudes have probably already shaved off or trimmed down your winter beard. Not so, for Anton Zuponcic, software engineer at Minneapolis agency Digitaria.

Anton’s beard has been growing for three months, four days, and a few hours (not that he’s counting), and now he’s ready to cut back on the face fur. But first, he’s offered up his face for chaity and will be sporting whichever one of these seven ridiculous beards gets the most votes. Will it be the Rocktopus, the Double Decker (two moustaches for the price of one), the Shrubble or, my personal favorite and the leading vote-getter so far, the Frisky Whiskers.

Each vote costs $1 (you can purchase multiple votes, too), and 100% of the proceeds go to Bridging, a charity that provides furniture and household goods to thousands of families in need each year.


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