Hey Toronto & Montreal, It’s OK to Cheat on Your City

The Cheating Wall‘The Cheating Wall’ located at the TIFF Lightbox is allowing Toronto pedestrians walking on King Street West to catch a live video glimpse the action on Maisoneuve Boulevard in Montreal. It’s certainly a fun way to create curiosity and encourage folks to visit each other cities.

The message on the wall reads, “It’s OK to cheat on your city. Pay Montreal a visit live, right here”. Torontonians can not only get a peek at Montreal, but they can join in daily events including a lunchtime dance-off, a long distance dinner party and even a 505km fashion runway event.

A full schedule of events can be found at the Visit Toronto Facebook page. It’s unfortunate that’s it’s so tough to see anything in the window during the day, but the video is running 24/7 until June 15th, so there’s a lot of opportunity for some fun interaction between people in both cities after dark.

Creative for the Cheating Wall came via the Toronto offices of Crsipin Porter + Bogusky’s Toronto office, with Smak doing street-level promotion and Monster Media handling the technology.

If you’re curious about the QR code in the image. I can confirm that it quickly and efficiently loads a schedule of the daily events.

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