How to Make the Alaska Look Tiny

Alaska Communications

Alaska is the largest State of the United States, at over 662,000 square miles it’s over twice as big as Texas. However, it’s also the least populated state at only 1.2 inhabitants for every square mile. Another quick fact is that there are 24 grizzly bears for every Alaskan (30,000 grizzlies are estimated to live in Alaska).

A new ad for Alaska Communications wants to illustrate how it’s products are helping to bring people closer together and make the massive state feel a little bit smaller. The ad makes use of a tilt-shift technique to create the illusion of miniaturization by using a special lens that can adjust to blur the edges of an image, while keeping part of it in sharp focus. The technique is now a built-in feature of popular photo-sharing platform Instagram. The miniature illusion is further enhanced by having the video shot at just four frames a second, providing the ad with the feel of stop-motion animation.

The ad was created by San Diego agency Vitro and directed by Sam O’Hare of Aero Film.

If you like the effect, here’s 10 more examples from around the world.



  1. justonetime111 says

    If the population of Alaska is approximately 723,000 people, and there are an estimated 30,000 grizzly bears, how can there be 24 grizzlies for every Alaskan?  Unless, of course, you mean to suggest that there are 24 humans for every grizzly. That would indeed be correct. 😉

    • says

      Don’t get me started on the number of salmon per grizzly bear. 
      Just kidding. Yes, you’re right, my calculations make no sense. I’ve removed the sentence from the post, and will avoid math when possible :)cheersR

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