If You’re Drunk Enough to Sing Karaoke, You Might Be Too Drunk to Drive

Karaoke BreathalyzerI admire anyone brave enough to get up and sing karaoke, whether they have been enabled by some liquid courage or they actually have singing skills worth sharing. Singing in the shower? That’s more my style. I can only hope that my building neighbours enjoy my unique take on 80s classics like ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘The Safety Dance’ at 7am.

But this promotion is not about bad singing, it’s about raising awareness about the issue of drunk driving. The folks that previously brought you the creative ‘$73,000 Bar Tab‘ and ‘Drunk Valet‘ experiential campaigns, Sao Paulo’s Bar Aurora and restaurant Boteco Ferraz present their 2012 drunk driving awareness campaign ‘Karaoke Breathalyzer’.

To ‘alert’ the would-be singers (why, oh why do they choose Bohemian Rhapsody?) aware of their ‘condition’, they rigged-up the karaoke microphones with breathalyzers. When each song ended, the screen would show their blood-alcohol reading instead of their karaoke score.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy, Sao Paulo, with the video clip produced by Bossa Nova Films.

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