IKEA Singapore Channels Kubrick’s The Shining for Halloween Ad

IKEA Singapore - The Shining

One of the most memorable scenes in the ‘The Shining‘ features Danny Torrance frantically pedaling his Big Wheel through the hallways of the Overlook Hotel. That is, until he comes face to face with the ghostly twins in their blue dresses. The scene is also significant as it featured one of the first uses of the recently developed Steadicam in a motion picture.

In an ad to promote the extended hours of IKEA Singapore, agency BBH Asia Pacific re-sets the scene from the Shining in an IKEA showroom. Fans of the movie will likely catch other movie references in the clip such as the cabinet with REDRUG scrawled on it, blocks that spell out 237 (in reference to a specific room in the film) and of course the twins, who invite Danny to come play with them. Watch to the end for the twist.

[via AV Club]


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