Immortalize Yourself & Your Friends in a Clip from True Blood

True BloodYou think there would be no room for more creepiness in Bon Temps where fairies, shapeshifters, werewolves and of course vampires all battle for attention. Now with Season Four of HBO’s True Blood ready to get started this weekend, the word around the backroads of Louisiana is that a coven of witches are joining in on the fun.

Before all the onscreen craziness rolling again why not take a few minutes to Immortalize yourself and your friends in a clip from True Blood. The Facebook application grabs photos and information from your profile in a story that begins with Eric and Pam choosing a new dancer at Fangtasia. You’ll notice amongst the applicants the names and faces of a few of your friends. Watch my True Blood clip here.

Season 4 of True Blood premieres June 26 at 9PM on HBO.

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