Jane’s Addiction Comes Alive in Fan Shot 3D Concert for LG

Jane's Addiction - LGVisitors to YouTube knows that most video captured by fans tend to be blurry, jumpy experiences with sound that makes you scramble for the mute button. So, when I heard that LG had handed out over a hundred of their LG Thrill 4G smartphone to lucky fans at a Jane’s Addiction show last Monday night (July 25) in NYC I was intrigued to see the results.

The 3D documentary and concert is posted now on LG’s Come Alive YouTube channel, but don’t expect the cutting edge movie 3D we’ve gotten used to at the theatre in the past few years. You’ll need a pair of traditional 3D glasses with the red and blue lenses to watch the concert. I managed to watch a few songs before my head was aching and my eyes felt like they’d pop out of my head. I’ve yet to see the 3D display on the LG Thrill phone in person, but we can see from this demonstration that it does indeed record in 3D.

The concert itself is great with the band performing their classics; Been Caught Stealing, The Mountain Song, Jane Says as well as their new single Irresistible Force from their upcoming album The Great Escape Artist.

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