Kama Sutra for Seniors PSA Promotes Safe Sex Discussion

Safer Sex for Seniors - Kama Sutra PSAWhile I can only hope that no hips were ‘dislodged’ in the making of this PSA featuring spry senior couples acting out positions from the Kama Sutra, I cramped up just watching the video.

But Safe Sex for Seniors is no laughing matter, according to information on the site the rates of STIs among older adults, including syphilis and gonorrhea, have doubled in the past decade, as have HIV infections. The video looks to promote the open discussion of safe sex practices of seniors between themselves, their caregivers and doctors.

The safersex4seniors.org website features a comprehensive list of FAQ resources including ones with eyebrow raising titles like ‘Baseball or Pizza: A New Way To Talk About Sex’, ‘Flirting with Fantasy; Toying with Toys’ and ‘Dialing Up Desire: From “Not Tonight” to “Hot Tonight”‘ among many others.

The ‘Kama Sutra’ PSA was created by the team at DDB NY and produced by Riess|Hill of Paydirt Pictures.


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