KLM Adds 4000 Facebook Profile Pics to a Real Plane

KLM - Tile & InspireDutch airline KLM is on a winning streak, creating interesting campaigns using social media that connect their Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter audiences to their real-world product. In April in a campaign entitled ‘Tile & Inspire’, KLM invited people to visit TileYourself.com (the site closed on June 15 unfortunately) and create their own Delftware tile. Delftware is the distinctly Dutch blue and white painted and glazed pottery that was first manufactured there beginning in the mid-16th century.

KLM has been handing out gifts of Delftware miniatures houses to its business class passengers on Intercontinental flights since the 1950s. The miniature house are based on specific buildings in the Netherlands and as an added bonus come filled with Bols gin.

According to KLM Corporate Communications 120,000 tiles were designed by people from 154 countries. KLM attracted 50,000 new fans on their Facebook page, the video on how to make the tiles was viewed more than 460,000 times on YouTube and the TileYourself.com campaign website was visited more than 600,000 times.

A lucky 4000 people were chosen to have their creations appear on the side of one of KLM’s Boeing 777s. The video above shows just how they went about it.

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