KLM Uses 140 Employees to Create Living Replies to Twitter Questions

KLM Creates Living Twitter RepliesDutch airline KLM is no stranger to using social media platforms in innovative ways to engage with their customers. Just this year they’ve created a campaign applyng 4000 Facebook fans photos to one of their airplanes, as well as hosting a dance party at 35,000 feet to promote a new Amsterdam to Miami flight route.

Now KLM is promoting their Twitter customer service capabilities. They are committing to answer every tweet or post in person anytime of the day or night.

If you sent a tweet to KLM yesterday, you may have been lucky enough to receive oen of a few dozen personalized video responses. Your tweet was assembled live by 140 KLM employees – everyone from flight crew, customer service personnel and grounds crew – who collectively became a living 140 character Twitter response right before your eyes.

Unlike other personalized video response initiatives (I’m thinking Old Spice) which were played mostly for laughs, this initiative works very well as a physical demonstration of KLM’s commitment to customer service through Twitter.

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