Lacta Chocolate Uses Augmented Reality to Spread Messages of Love

Lacta Chocolate AR appThe late 2010 change in the packaging of Lacta Chocolate from it’s iconic red and white paper to a new plastic wrapper brought with it an unexpected controversy. The paper wrapper had become well known as a medium for lovers to exchange romantic notes, and the brand had used this feature in its TV advertising for years.

OglivyOne Athens has come up with a mobile app featuring augmented reality to help Lacta retain it’s status as a the chocolate of romance for Greeks.

The app allows Lacta chocolate fans to write a message to a Facebook friend. The friend receives an alert that a hidden message is waiting for them with instructions to download the Lacta app to view the message. The viewer can see the message by purchasing a Lacta bar and holding it in front of the camera of their smartphone.

The app is available in the iPhone and Android Marketplace.

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