Linkin Park join up with 'Take This Lollipop' Producers for Interactive Video

Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo

Halifax, NS (Chester, to be exact) developer Jason Nickel and LA-based director Jason Zada have joined forces again after the incredible success of the ‘Take This Lollipop‘ interactive experience. That site/web app/video (it’s so hard to define these things) has seen over 9.5 million likes since it was released last fall.

This time they’ve joined up with Linkin Park to create an interactive experience for the track ‘Lost in the Echo‘. In the video hosted at, images are pulled from your Facebook photo albums and displayed in the hands of the characters. It is a little odd watching the characters react with horror to images of my friends and I having fun.

Experiences like this one, which simply pull in photos from Facebook, are becoming standard fair these days. Interactive producers have the opportunity to customize the experience even more using profile details and location information.

In June I posted a story about a Brazilian condo developer who had interested buyers register for a tour using their Facebook profile. When they arrived for their viewing, video screens inside the condo were customized using information from Facebook.


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