Locals Race Jenson Button in Vodafone’s Grand Prix of Roggel

Vodafone Grand Prix of RoggelMonza, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Roggel, all legendary racetracks… wait Roggel? On September 12, the citizens of the small Dutch town of Roggel (pop. 4,000) cheered as Formula 1 driver Jenson Button raced his Mclaren through their sleepy streets in the Grand Prix of Roggel.

The event was put together by Vodafone to promote the introduction of fiber internet to the Netherlands, with Roggel being one of the first places to be connected. A full-blown Formula 1 racetrack was constructed using the streets and roads around the small town, and the company sought out the fastest people in the town to challenge the 2009 Formula One champion.

Now, there are no race car drivers in Roggel, so Vodafone sought out the fastest archer, golfer even the fastest ping pong player. In the end, three local people were chosen to race against Button using sophisticated racing simulators.

Vodafone went all out on this event and it looks like the people of Roggel enjoyed the attention. Who won? You’ll have to watch the video to see.

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