Luck is me! I’m #736,034 on the Waiting List for a Petite Lap Giraffe

Petite Lap GiraffeEver since the DirectTV ads featuring Gregor, the Russian Billionaire began airing last year, the thing I couldn’t take my eye off was not the beautiful women, it was the tiny giraffe that sits next to Gregor (turns out that giraffe is named Ivanka).

Well, now I’m thrilled to discover I can have my own Petite Miniatire Giraffe from Sokoblovsky Farms. I am only 736,034 on a waiting list, and based on the fact they only have two breeding females and a gestation period of 420 days I may have a few years to wait.

You can get a petite lap giraffe too, just head over to the Sokoblovksy Farms website and get your name on the list. But, be advised these tiny giraffes require special care, lots of love and regular bubble baths as seen on the site’s photo page. You can even view the male giraffe Vladimir on a ‘live cam’ as he eats, sleeps or plays around the farm – although so far I’ve only seen him curled up sleeping.

This is a great little promotional site that plays off the popularity of the TV ads ‘Opulence, I has it‘ (embedded below) and ‘I Am Epic Win‘ produced by Grey New York. The only obvious connection to the ads being a small triangle in the upper right corner of the browser that reads ‘As Seen on American Commercial – Be Clicking to View’. (and yes, I can’t help saying that with Gregor’s accent)

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